8 Temmuz 2012 Pazar

So much polite women!!

This is gonna be gossiping about women who give impression to others as they are so polite and aristocratic. I see some girls and women around they are extremely polite and I find it unnatural. We have to admit that our nature is not so polite and these types of women for me are irritating. There are of course some room for grace too but this should not cover all your attitudes.
It feels like that they are betraying to their nature; we all know that you do all other disgusting things what other humans do, do not pretend that you are a barbie doll and always graceful. I am against people who create this image and others who expect it. therefore lets all say that; be cool, be natural, be yourself !!! and moreover go mad sometimes!!!

To get over this post this song is recommended by the author :)

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