22 Nisan 2012 Pazar

For Mango lovers!!

When I say mango I don't mean the international brand for clothing, I do like it too but actually I literaturally mean the fruit mango :)) Yes I love mango and this is the story of mango and me introduction and then loving process :))
Before coming to London as a tropical fruit I thought mango was called for a mixture of tropical fruits. I think this comes from the CapriSun juice brand. I was drinking that brand's mango juice with the thought of mixture of pineapple, passion fruit banana and so on.
In Turkey as far as I know we do not have mango trees at least we don't have it in the city where I grew up. Also I was not very adventurous after trying coconut and its failure on my mind :) (I think it tastes horrible) Also with my flatmate in Ankara we bought avocado and we could not arrange the time to eat and it went off until we eat it. I gave up on these trials afterwards.
I came to London five years ago which serve all types of fruits and vegetables around the world. As a fruit lover I started to work in a juice factory. (To be honest I did not started to work there because I love fruit it was only my optimistic view for finding the good sights of work :)) They mostly had tropical fruits including mango. I was surprised when I first met it and then did not like the taste much because the ones I tried either was not ripened enough or already off. I gave up on it because the working conditions in the factory was harsh and even I quitted the job mango resembled me to that factory therefore I was not attracted from mango at all :)) However I had interesting memories from that factory such as preparing juice for Beyonce :) (we haven't seen her of course but we heart that she loved one of the pomegranate juices made i our factory, then ordered a lot from it. I think she had bath with them :))

I met the smoothie of mango in the restaurant I worked and changed my ming again about it. The smoothie includes condensed milk, evaporated milk, mango pure, banana, ice cubes if I remember it right. You just put in a blender and its ready and very filling actually thats why not recommended with a heavy meal.

Then I forgot the whole unpleasant memories about it and became a mango lover again. I love eating it with yoghurt, or just cutting it in cubes and eating it alone or with honey. This is how we developed an on and off relationship with mango  :))

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