24 Nisan 2012 Salı

It is a blue tuesday for me!!

Very depressing weather for days with unstoppable rain made me weak and afterwards I made my depression mode on. I started to developed the memories me and my friends in London having nice cup of coffee,going for shopping, having dinner together, getting around and so many other attractions that we did not really care about the weather. But now I only think about the previous nice days and have no intention to do something, actually anything. I even do not want to cook at all for my survival sleeping late at nights and waking up so late makes me act like zombies.

I know I can not bring back my friends that they have an established life in Turkey and other parts of the world but I can expect the weather to get better for me to start doing some individual staff. If you are in London you should have some companies like group of friends who really understand you otherwise your mood will change according to the weather conditions of London. I know being alone in London sucks moreover being alone in anywhere sucks!!!
To cheer up even in a depressing blue tuesday for me, I started with taking a smile as mentioned above (the second from right side is taken by me:)). Lets get away from this heaviness causing from the weather with a smile, maybe to get some action this helps too;


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