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Baked Salmon Recipe

I realised that I am sharing some thoughts of mine in Turkish however I have many friends who are not Turkish speakers which would not be fair to keep my knowledge and experiences away from them :)) That's why I have decided I will have both in English and Turkish versions of my posts in two languages. You can follow whatever you want to :))

I will start my first english post with salmon recipe that is very easy, healthy and delicious :)) lets get started :))



2 fillet of salmon (you can increase the amount for your desire but this is perfect for two)
black pepper
salt (preferably rock salt or sea salt)
garlic (fresh or garlic powder)
olive oil

The fillets can be marinated a few hours ago or you can marinate and bake it directly. To start with the salmons; each sides of the fillets are cut like you are making a pocket. Try to make some holes in each sides of of the fillet and these pockets are going to be filled with the flavours.
One clove of garlic is fine for each fillet and the garlic should be cut in very small pieces, do not mash it making shredded helps to keep the flavour inside. Fill the garlic pieces in the pockets of the salmon fillets and add some amount of pepper and salt all around the salmon as well as pockets. Finally add only one teaspoon of olive oil on a piece of kitchen foil and put the salmon inside and cover the salmon with kitchen foil make sure you cover the whole salmon otherwise it may turn up burnt salmon :)) Put the  foiled salmons in to preheated 180 C oven and bake for 40 minutes. When serving remove the kitchen foil and place it to a plate.

As it has seen in the picture I served it with the fried chinese vegetables (I do not have a wok) with soya sauce, mashed potato, shredded olives and tomato.

One more tip for the salmon is; it is known as a fatty fish therefore it is not recommended to fry salmon, this method is more recommended if you want to have light food. (of course not as full as my plate :))

I appreciate your views and suggestions all:)) Hope you like it !!!

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