12 Nisan 2012 Perşembe

A natural face mask for the dry skins

As many of you know dry skin is very difficult to look after and gets wrinkles earlier than other skin types therefore it is important to look after yourself however there are many products are out and you are not sure if they contain any unhealthy ingredients. For those who like to have a natural mask, this is for you


one teaspoon moisturising cream
one egg
one spoon almond oil
one spoon extracted honey

Separate the two parts of egg and take the yellow part add olive oil drop by drop at the same time stir the egg, after adding the whole almond oil add honey and moisturising cream and stir the mixture finally mix the white part of the egg and mix the whole mixture. Apply the mixture with a soft brush or spatula and leave for 30 min. to get the mixture dry on your face (you can also apply to your neck area). Rinse it with the warm water.

After you made this mask you will feel the softness of your skin and dryness will go away for a while.

A small tip; after cleaning the skin as a tonic  I use rose water instead of chemical products which is sold in Wholefoods stores which is 100% rose water does not have any other ingredients in. highly recommended.

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