30 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

I have a word to say about shampoos

Many of you may hear the sayings about shampoos and their effects to the human body. I have done some research and found out there are some people who actually make their own shampoo with soda and some other ingredients. I am not that fussy on the other hand not unconcerned.
I have twice bleached my hair and got various shades like vampire red, cherry colour, brown, purple and so on. It really damaged my hair. After a while I was not able to dye my hair because it just did not absorb the dye. Then I've shortened my hair and decided to go for natural products.

Therefore I did some research about the ingredients what makes them so harmful. Paraben is the first thing I came across. They say that one of the most harmful ingredients for shampoos is paraben. Then I have been to Wholefoods store and bought this product which is 99.8% natural and paraben free.

I am not so sure if this is a good product or not because whenever I try to use it is impossible to open my eyes and gives a deep burning sensation even though after the rinsing my hair. I am actually feeling discomfort with this product or paying special attention to keep away from my eyes the whole times.

 After using many chemical including bleach to my hair I decided to use natural to allow my hair recover itself. It is getting better though only not with this product. 

Finally I used my senses and decided to use Johnson's baby shampoo.

 They are for kids and babies therefore these products should include the least harmful ingredients in my opinion. I was actually right comparing to other unnatural shampoos, I did not know if it contains paraben but when I checked I found out it does not.
You can check that. To be honest I think this is away better than many other shampoos. What can be done more is adding two three drops of almond oil to your shampoo bottle and shacking it before using, you can get healthier hair with money saving from expensive brand. An easy tip worked for me, hope works for you too :))

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