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Lentil patties- Mercimek kofte

This is one of the Turkish originated food which is made with red lentils and fine bulgur (cracked wheat) and some greens. It is very yummy and actually easy to make and with nice presentation this is one of the food that you can offer to your visitors or just spoil yourself and your loved ones. here is the recipe and before than that this is how it looks like when it is ready to serve

Here is the ingredients;

1 full glass of red lentil
1 full glass of fine bulgur (it can be obtained from the Turkish supermarkets)
1 spoon of tomato paste
1 spoon of paprika paste (again from Turkish stores but if you cant get it, its okay that you can only add up some paprika powder
1 onion (medium size)
bunch of parsley
bunch of lettuce and sliced lemon (this is only for presentation not inside the food)
olive oil
salt,cummin, thyme, black pepper (up to the individual)

two glass of water and red lentil is boiled until lentils are soft, make the heat off and add up the whole fine bulgur allow it absorbing the whole water for about 15 minutes

on the other side in a frying pan fry onions with 2 spoon of olive oil and add up the tomato and paprika pastes

finally add the onions up to the lentil and bulgur mixture and add cut parsley and the flavours according to your taste and serve it with lettuce and some slices of lemon.

When you eat it is recommended to put in a lettuce piece and squeeze some lemon and it is yummy,




1 bardak kirmizi mercimek
1 bardak ince bulgur
1 kasik domates salcasi
1 kasik biber salcasi
1 kuru sogan (orta boy)
Bir miktar maydanoz
Bir demet marul ve kesilmis limon ( icindekilerde degil de sunumunda kullanilacak) 
tuz, kimyon, kekik, karabiber (kisinin istegine gore ) 


2 su bardagi su ile kirmizi mercimek haslanir ve kirmizi mercimekler yumusadiktan sonra bulgur eklenir ve suyu emmesi icin beklenir agzi kapali olarak yaklasik 15 dakika 

 Diger taraftan soganlar 2 kasik zeytinyagi ile kizartilir ve domates ve biber salclari eklenir.

Bu karisim bulgur mercimek karisimina ilave edilir ve ardindan maydanoz eklenip karistirilir ve son olarak  baharatlar ve tuz istege bagli olarak eklenir.

Marulla ve uzerine limon siklLarak yenmesi tavsiye edilir. 

AFiyet Olsun!!

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